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Away from blog

June 3, 2012 Leave a comment

I really do not know what happened, but I seem to have ignored my blog for two months.

I have had plenty to report, just not the urge to write about it. So, where to start? In April I went to see WWE Raw, at the o2 arena, make of that what you will, I don’t care, I loved every moment of it. I have wanted to go see a live show for almost 20 years, so I feel so pleased I for filled that dream.

In May I went to watch William play Boccia in Sheffield, was the national finals he didn’t win a game, was a shame to see, but glad I went to support him. Also on that trip, I went on the train by myself, felt it was easier than driving, but I was very nervous. The idea of needing to rely on others to help me, is not something I like.

Last weekend I went to Nottingham to watch the 2nd day of the 2nd Test, between England and the West Indies. It was fantastic fun, the weather was amazing, the view was stunning, the Cricket was of great quality, I met Aggers and Viv Richards.

I have also got tickets to go see the next Test, in Birmingham, but other than on Saturday, the weather does not look good.

Yesterday I went to Strawberry Fair, it was great fun, was with Ceri, Laura, Nicki & her son Izaac. It was great fun, the weather wasn’t great, but we made the most of it, although I am sure we spent most the time trying on hats.

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