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Away from blog

June 3, 2012 Leave a comment

I really do not know what happened, but I seem to have ignored my blog for two months.

I have had plenty to report, just not the urge to write about it. So, where to start? In April I went to see WWE Raw, at the o2 arena, make of that what you will, I don’t care, I loved every moment of it. I have wanted to go see a live show for almost 20 years, so I feel so pleased I for filled that dream.

In May I went to watch William play Boccia in Sheffield, was the national finals he didn’t win a game, was a shame to see, but glad I went to support him. Also on that trip, I went on the train by myself, felt it was easier than driving, but I was very nervous. The idea of needing to rely on others to help me, is not something I like.

Last weekend I went to Nottingham to watch the 2nd day of the 2nd Test, between England and the West Indies. It was fantastic fun, the weather was amazing, the view was stunning, the Cricket was of great quality, I met Aggers and Viv Richards.

I have also got tickets to go see the next Test, in Birmingham, but other than on Saturday, the weather does not look good.

Yesterday I went to Strawberry Fair, it was great fun, was with Ceri, Laura, Nicki & her son Izaac. It was great fun, the weather wasn’t great, but we made the most of it, although I am sure we spent most the time trying on hats.

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Leeds, nothing to worry about next year

August 25, 2011 Leave a comment

Just a quick update, this won’t all fit into a tweet.

As I have said before, I am going to Leeds next summer, to watch two days of the England v South Africa Test match. Now me being me, I wanted to plan this all super early, did not want to have to panic etc. I’ve booked two nights at the Holiday Inn Express in Leeds, it just makes sense, can’t drive there and back each day. So I booked a disabled room, all is good, I have planned to leave the house at 6, get there for 9, then go onto the ground. I was thinking of using a taxi, I assumed there would be some that can get a wheelchair in.

Then today, the hotel called me, asking if I would like a room as close to reception as possible, incase I need assistance. Honestly, the fact they called me, offering that has made me feel happy, it is a small thing, but makes you feel good. They have also said I can get there early, park the car, then they will call me a taxi, seriously, how thoughtful? They’ve called me, almost 11months before I am due there, they have eliminated all my worries. I know I’ve not actually stayed there yet, things could go wrong, but all the planning I think needs doing, has been done.

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How can I be bored?

August 18, 2011 Leave a comment

Well, I’m not, but I was earlier. I am currently watching the Inbetweeners, I have been watching this most of the day, why is that bad? Because I was only watching it, due to most of the Cricket being rained off today, it sucked.

In other news, I know I am getting my car, still no idea when, just know it is happening. My Mum & Sister have gone on holiday to Tobago, which means I am stuck with my Dad. We have a few things planned, but I get the impression he isn’t going to leave me alone much, which is annoying. This weekend, the plan is to go to Silverstone, for the free Renault World Series event. I say planned, because my father has a habit of letting me think we are going to do something, get my hopes up, then at the last minutes, take it away or make you feel bad. Every time I fall for this, hence the need for a car, can’t be held to ransom anymore, it is not fair.

The other is, I am going to see Jimmy eat World next week, should be fun.

Early morning

February 25, 2011 Leave a comment

Got up at 03:45, only got 2 hours sleep, planned for 4. Got up that early to watch t he Cricket. Took a few pics while making my coffee, yes I know, more bloody pics, but I have a good camera and rarely use it!

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Cricket, sun & photos

February 24, 2011 Leave a comment

So aim sat here, watching the cricket, it is South Africa vs the West Indies. a Windies player just failed to make any attempt at catching a lofted SA ball. It is a good match but I don’t think the Windies will win this, they just did not score enough and their bowling is just not good enough.

In a few hours I am going up to the fly over with my camera and tripod, going to get some shots at dusk with the cars and head lights, long exposure, see what I get from that, hopefully it will producer something good.

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Test Match Sofa

February 24, 2011 Leave a comment

Currently watching South Africa vs West Indies in the ICC Cricket World Cup, I do not claim to understand everything about Cricket, but I know I enjoy it.

I also know I enjoy listening to Test Match Sofa while I do watch it, if you want to hear some men and women curse while watching cricket, you can here.

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