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Nothing much to report

February 14, 2013 1 comment

So I haven’t blogged for a few weeks, I seem to lack the drive to write anything at the moment. But maybe it is also in part because I have had very little going on, not nothing, just very little.

I suppose the biggest news is, we have a dog. His name is Sam, he is a Boarder Terrier, he is quite simply, lovely. We got him from Wood Green animal shelter, we saw him on their website, he wasn’t a breed we were looking at, but he just looked right. After a few visits, we knew he was the dog for us. He is two years old, he is very much a child, which is lovely.
His integration into our house was a little stressful, this is simply because we are novice dog owners. When we got Sam, Wood Green said they would provide support if and when needed. After only a few days, we decided we needed some help. The dog and our cat (who has lived in the home for 16 years) were not getting on, the cat was tormenting the dog, constantly winding him up, in return the dog would chase and bark.
On the second evening, the dog charged at the dog, we feared he was going to kill him. So in came W.G. they were fantastic, they explained this situation was normal, in fact it the right thing. The cat was informing the dog, I AM THE BOSS. W.G. explained the dog would learn to keep away from the cat, sure enough, two weeks on, they can be in the same room, happily ignoring each other.

The dog is bringing the three of us so much enjoyment, we also hope we are providing him with a better life than he was living. His previous owner neglected him, so much so he has a permanent ear problem. If his previous owner had looked after him properly, he would not have this lasting condition, SHAME ON YOU. Either way, he lives with us now, we love him. We love going on walks, we love the way he plays, he is just amazing!

Can’t say there is too much in the pipeline, other than I’ve entered a couple of Boccia competitions for next month. No idea what my chances are, really don’t care to be honest, just hope to have fun and do my best. I believe if I play my best, I have a chance of doing well, based on what I saw last year, but who knows. I’ve refused to be part of the league team this year, just going to take part in singles stuff. The coach thinks I’m throwing my toys out of the pram, he be right. I won’t be part of the clubs B team, the people in it are not people I enjoy hanging out with or chatting to. Boccia is all about fun for me, part of having fun is all about who you are playing with. I fail to see why I should travel hundreds of miles to be with people I don’t want to be with.

Over and out.

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