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The Olympics, great for Disabled Spectators

August 1, 2012 3 comments

This will just be a short blog entry, but I felt this was worth blogging.

In the last few days, I have been to a couple of Olympic events. Like many other disabled people, I factor in “fuck up time”, to all big trips I go on (by big, I mean not popping into town/shops).

With the Olympics being the biggest show on Earth, I assumed things could get a little hectic at the venues I went to (Eton Dorey & Lords Cricket Ground). Oh how wrong I was!

Things looked promising when, once I had received my tickets, I was informed I could book free disabled parking. At both venues, the parking was perfect, at Eton Dorney, the parking was on grass, so the organisers laid down a temporary plastic surface to ensure cars/chairs couldn’t get stuck. There was accessible transport from car parks to venues (I didn’t need it at Eton Dorney, as it was a 300 yard walk, used it at Lords as it was a Mile walk), the volunteers were very helpful. Although they kept giving me the same information, that is prefect compared to no information, you very often experience.

Views for disabled people once in the venues has also been amazing, from my experience.

Keep up the great work LOCOG, leading the way in how to provide for Disabled people at events.