Typical bureaucracy

April 16, 2013 1 comment

Right, today I went to Peterborough City hospital, to see a specialist regarding my foot, which is rolling inwards. The only way to correct my foot, is to perform surgery, it entails cutting tendons, fusing bones together etc. Now, I don ‘t like the sound of that, but I know it needs doing, without it, I will carry on being in pain.

IMG_6062This is my right foot, as you can see, I can not get it flat, all the weight goes to a spot just above my 5th metatarsal.

Of course with any surgery, after care is needed, how ever, I am not a typical case, I can’t walk. Normally, you get the surgery, then the next day, given a pair of sticks, sent home, told to stay off the foot and keep elevated. Problem for me is, I’m not good on my two legs, will never manage on one, even though I don’t walk, I need them for many, many things.

I explained this to the Doctor, who said he would refer me to an occupational therapist. The OT department at the hospital have said, they will not access me, until I have had the surgery. That is right, not until I have had the life changing surgery that would see me bed bound for 3 months. This to me, is not acceptable, I need to know in advance what will be put in place for me. I need to know how I am going to manage at home, things need putting into place.

The OT department then said, contact my local authority, fib a bit, pretend I’m not having surgery, tell them I am in a worse state than I really am. Yes, they want me to lie! Well that won’t work, for 2 reasons. 1: I will not lie about my disability or anything to do with it. 2: I had an OT here a few weeks ago, he knows what I can do, would look odd if i suddenly said I can’t do all those things.

We left the appointment feeling as though we have no real answers, the hospitals OT have said they will see what they can do, but insist they will not access my needs until after the op, I insist there will be no op, unless i know about the aftercare. Why would I have a painful op, only to be screwed after? They argue we won’t know what my needs will be, until after the op, I argue with do know, I won’t be able to use my right leg at all.

Why are they so unwilling to look into this? Why are they willing to get the expensive bit right (the surgery), but not prepared to get the arguably cheaper bit, the after care right?

I am most annoyed.

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All quiet on the West front

April 10, 2013 15 comments

What can I say? It has all been very quiet of late, been to a gig, a comedy show, few days out etc.

The best thing I’ve done in the last few weeks is going to see “Biffy Clyro”, at the o2 Arena. I went with Will and his two brothers, it was a great laugh to be honest, they are great company. I also went on the Cable Car at the the o2, it goes across the river (and back), you get some great views for only a few quid.

IMG_5901IMG_5895 IMG_5880

The gig was amazing, the set list was fantastic, one of the best gigs I’ve been too.


I’ve been up to other things, went to an antiques fair with Matt (@smegfirk), that was erm, cold and snowy, oh, did I say cold?

DSC_0455Here are some plebs from Bargin Hunt.

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Good at my Job

February 23, 2013 2 comments

Turns out, i am not bad at my job. Got all Blues and Greens, which are the top two grades, amber and Red, you don’t want those.

I’ve blacked out all names except my own, for obvious reasons.


Observation Jan 2013

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Almost, but no, wait, maybe in a few weeks.

February 23, 2013 12 comments

I almost won Al Murray tickets on Twitter, I say almost, I did win, but can’t use them. To twin two tickets to see Al in Leicester, you had to answer the following.

Very kind of Al to look into other dates, specially as this was a twitter freebie, he is under no obligation to. I really hope I can go see him, missed him when he was in the area last.

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What am I meant to say?

February 14, 2013 17 comments

What am I meant to say when my mum starts crying about my dad? We were in the car today, returning from town, I looked over and she was crying. I asked what was up, she said she was thinking of dad. I asked if there was anything specific, she said she still can’t believe what he has done.

The moment she said that, I was stumped, what am I meant to say to this?

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Nothing much to report

February 14, 2013 1 comment

So I haven’t blogged for a few weeks, I seem to lack the drive to write anything at the moment. But maybe it is also in part because I have had very little going on, not nothing, just very little.

I suppose the biggest news is, we have a dog. His name is Sam, he is a Boarder Terrier, he is quite simply, lovely. We got him from Wood Green animal shelter, we saw him on their website, he wasn’t a breed we were looking at, but he just looked right. After a few visits, we knew he was the dog for us. He is two years old, he is very much a child, which is lovely.
His integration into our house was a little stressful, this is simply because we are novice dog owners. When we got Sam, Wood Green said they would provide support if and when needed. After only a few days, we decided we needed some help. The dog and our cat (who has lived in the home for 16 years) were not getting on, the cat was tormenting the dog, constantly winding him up, in return the dog would chase and bark.
On the second evening, the dog charged at the dog, we feared he was going to kill him. So in came W.G. they were fantastic, they explained this situation was normal, in fact it the right thing. The cat was informing the dog, I AM THE BOSS. W.G. explained the dog would learn to keep away from the cat, sure enough, two weeks on, they can be in the same room, happily ignoring each other.

The dog is bringing the three of us so much enjoyment, we also hope we are providing him with a better life than he was living. His previous owner neglected him, so much so he has a permanent ear problem. If his previous owner had looked after him properly, he would not have this lasting condition, SHAME ON YOU. Either way, he lives with us now, we love him. We love going on walks, we love the way he plays, he is just amazing!

Can’t say there is too much in the pipeline, other than I’ve entered a couple of Boccia competitions for next month. No idea what my chances are, really don’t care to be honest, just hope to have fun and do my best. I believe if I play my best, I have a chance of doing well, based on what I saw last year, but who knows. I’ve refused to be part of the league team this year, just going to take part in singles stuff. The coach thinks I’m throwing my toys out of the pram, he be right. I won’t be part of the clubs B team, the people in it are not people I enjoy hanging out with or chatting to. Boccia is all about fun for me, part of having fun is all about who you are playing with. I fail to see why I should travel hundreds of miles to be with people I don’t want to be with.

Over and out.

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Good bye 2012, you were great

January 25, 2013 Leave a comment

Well, we are well and truly into 2013 now, there are some great things on the horizon, but I would like to take the time to reflect on an epic year.

I loved 2012, it was rammed full of many exciting events, many thing I had never done before, even a childhood dream thrown in.

I saw 2012 in at the o2, with my best mate Will. We went to see Kasabian, I think it is fair to say, the gig was simply epic, hit after hit after hit, perfect way to start the year, with great music.


Now, I can’t remember doing much else significant for a few months after that, I am not saying nothing happened, just no big events. The next big event for me was again, going to the o2 (in April). Now as a teen, I used to love Pro Wrestling, it had been a dream to go see the WWE. At the age of 26 and being in a position to take myself, I did, it was fantastic fun. The show I went to see was being recorded for TV, to be aired later that night. I met up with @CripMikeYates , he was a fantastic guy, glad to have met him, hope we can go to a show again sometime IMG_1057

Also in April, I took part in my first competitive Boccia match. I must say, it went very well, I was captain and we beat an Ipswich side 11-0, not bad eh?


In May, I went to my first ever International Cricket match, at Trent Bridge, it was such a lovely day, so hot. It was England v the West Indies, I went with my Dad, who doesn’t really like Cricket, but enjoyed the day. I also met BBC’s Test Match Special’s ‘Aggers’.



Also in May, some special tickets arrived 😉


June saw me going to my second Test Match, in Birmingham, this time I went with my cousin Phil, had a great time. I got very excited when I got to meet head England Coach, Andy Flower, he even signed my hat.


July, there were a few significant events, quite early on in the month, I pranged my car, for the first time, damaging a wing mirror. This of course shook me up, it also meant I would be without a car, for a very important weekend, the Boccia nation team championship. The competition was great fun, as a club, we game third, again, I was the captain, I have to tell you, it is quite a stressful game.


My boccia medal.


The end of July saw the start of the Olympics! We had tickets to a few events, first up, the rowing,  not long after that was going to Lords to see some Archery! I can’t say I was amazingly excited about seeing archery, more excited about the venue and the fact it was the Olympics, how could you not be impressed by that eh? I also saw some canoe sprint, this was my least favourite event, partly because I had an argument with my dad while we were there, so I was in a mood. It was just dad and I at the archery and the canoeing, but we went as a four to the rowing, I’m so glad all of us can say we saw something at the Olympics. I well and truly had Olympic fever, the whole thing was magical, we did ourselves proud as a nation.


August was an equally amazing month, the Olympics were going strong, I was addicted to it. But there was something that would pull me away from it, just for a few days. August saw me going up to Leeds, to watch 2 days of the Test Match against South Africa. There I met the lovely @chariscroft, (this is also a year that saw me meet a couple of folk from twitter) it was a great time, the result was not great, but I loved being there. It was the first time I had stayed away from my family, on my own, with no friends/carers/family etc, it was a great experience. I must confess, I had planned those few days for the best part of a year, a little OTT you might imagine, but it was worth it for my peace of mind. The hotel was fine, nothing fancy, but it did the job it was meant to do. I of course stayed in a disabled friendly room, I have stayed in these before, they are fine, but other than the toilet, the bathroom tends to be off limits. Thankfully this time, I requested a wetroom (like i have at home), it was perfect, I was so happy.  On those few days, I also had dinner with @thetwochucks & @GeorgeDobell1 (we went to a fish and chip shop cricketers go to), they were lovely chaps, hope to meet them again.


This was a present from @chariscroft for inviting her to the Cricket.

The back end of August saw the Paralympics, I had tickets for the first 4 days of sports, Swimming on day one (morning session), Athletics day two (all day), Basketball the next two days. I’m not going to go on about how magical it was, it was exactly like the Olympics. Only difference this time was, I got to go to the Olympic park, which was basically happy land.


September, nothing happened, I got he new iPhone.

October, well, that was a very tough month. My Uncle and his family left for Australia, to live. To say we were gutted is an understatement, but hope they are happy there.

Towards the end of the month, my Dad moved out, I’m going to brush over this bit, because, well he is a knob and I’m glad he is gone. It is horrible, don’t get me wrong, but as a three, we are moving on well.

I saw a few good things, Bloc Party, went with Will & Fay, also saw muse with them. The day after Muse, I went to Wembley to see the NFL, it was amazing!


November, I saw the Killers, went with Keith from work, they were amazing! The night was made all the better by the fact it was the first time Keith had been to a big concert, it was great to share that moment.

IMG_3636 IMG_3689

December, well, I expected this month to be harder than it was. It turned out to be a lovely month, we put the tree up straight away. My sister and I made sure we spoiled mum on Christmas day, we saw loads of family. We went to London, the theatre, it was amazing.

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