You’ve got the grant, what colour car would you like?

Two weeks ago, Motability contacted me to say my granted had been accepted. This is of course great, I am just confused as to why it takes so long to get to that stage.

A day after that exciting news, Sirus, the people who build the car called me aswell. They had some cars built, complete with  the set up i need. The thing is, they only had it available in two colours, Lava Red & Natural Gray. Blue and silver were my first choices, but they informed me I would have to wait a month or two, on top of the the time I still have to wait until I get the car. I went with the Gray, I don’t want to wait any longer than I have to.

I already guessed I would have to wait a further two months, I don’t see how it takes that long, I just imagine it will, I am right. I have had to send photocopies of my drivers license, proof I get the correct benefits etc, that took a week. Harry (motability employee), the person I now speak to about my car, has informed me it will take 6-7 weeks, that was at the start of this week (5/9/2011). It will take a week to get the car from Birmingham to Peterborough, again, no idea why so long. Chris Elliot, the company fitting my hand controls will ask me to go in for a “fitting” check the adaptions go in the right place, check where i want my chair to dock. Then somehow it take a month to fit the controls, a few days to fill in forms etc, then I might get my car.

Hopefully in the next update, there will be pictures of my new car.

  1. Van
    August 9, 2013 at 18:38

    “Youve got the grant, what colour car would you like?
    | Rob, he is just a Ginger in a Wheelchair!” ended up being a fantastic read and also I
    personally was in fact quite pleased to find the blog post.
    Many thanks-Jermaine

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