The Home Straight

Another week, another update, this time it feels good, the end feels close. This week I took my chair to Chris Elliot, they are fitting the clamp that connects my chair to the car, so when traveling it is nice and safe. Sadly it means I have to be without my chair for a few days, I hope to have it back by the weekend.

While we were there, I also went into the car, checked everything was how it should be, made sure changes were right. For example I had asked them to raise the control box that controls the drivers seat, which they had, was good. They had also fitted a grab bar, was not where I thought it needed to be, but turns out, where they could fit it, was perfect. When I drove my chair out of the car, that went well too, felt really good.

Once the chair business has been completed, I really don’t know what else there is to do, when they have finished all the work, I know there has to be a 4 day wait. Apparently there is some legal loophole, which means I can’t be given it straight away, one thing I have learnt with Motability is, don’t be surprised about long boring waits, the whole process is full of them and I can’t understand why.

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