The first step

OK, so I took my first step today, my first step to getting myself a car. The first step being, ringing Motability. I called them, spoke to a very helpful lady, she answered my questions, the questions being. How do I go about getting a motability car? She explained, it depends what you need. We got onto what I believe I need, what adaptions I need. I believe I need a pull throttle, push brake system. Steering ball, a ramp to drive my chair in, a drivers seat that spins so I can transfer. She advised I call another number, the grants people, see what I am entitled to. I called them, they are going to call me back in the next 24 hours.

My other question was, when can others use the car (you can have someone else be allowed to drive the car). They can only use the car if it benefits the named person. So, food shopping for example. Them using it to work does benefit me, because my family are my carers, them earning money helps me. So we will see who I put on the car with me.

So, that is the first step done, I’ve made the call. I am worried what family think, they do not seem keen on me having the freedom a car brings. I think part of it is them protecting me, fear of the unknown etc. Part of it is just control, I think they like the fact i have to ask for lift, I have to depend on them. They control much of my life, me getting a car gives me a fair bit of control. But having said that, they may support me, who knows. Let’s see what is said when motability call me back, fingers crossed they can help me eh?

  1. Muttley
    May 19, 2011 at 09:21

    Good luck mate. You wont know yourself if you have a car. So much more you’ll be doing. Just refrain from driving through puddles to soak pedestrians:P

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