The call back

So, a lady from Motability called me back. Currently her name fails me, but she sounded nice, she will be my point of contact throughout this getting a car with Motability.

She called quicker than I thought, only 5 hours after I called them, they said within 24hours, I think this is a good response. She asked me a few questions, for example, is public transport an option to me? I explained no, the buses that come to this village are not accessible, a taxi ride to the next town is £25. Somehow, for a reason she did not explain, I am eligible for a grant. The grant will help me get a car, with the adaptions I need. I can’t remember if she said the grant will cover all the costs, or most. Either way, it does sound fantastic. I am lead to believe, I do not get to pick the car, but it will meet my needs. I will need to specify what adaptions I believe I will need. She is sending out an application form, will be here in under two weeks.

For the record, I believe I need the following.

  • a pull throttle/push brake system
  • steering ball
  • ramp into the vehicle
  • a drivers seat that spins so I can transfer.

All quite costly I am sure, although I imagine the steering ball is the cheapest item.

This news feels me with a lot of relief, the only thing I will need to worry about is fueling whatever car I get.

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