First viewing of the built car

Yesterday Chris Elliot Adaptions called me, they told me they had my car, need me in for a “fitting”. Basically, just get me there, with my chair, see where the chair clamp goes, check it all works etc before they fit the hand controls.

I won’t bore you with everything I need again, but the thing that took most of the time up today was, getting the chair in. The route into the car is tight, as is the room to transfer onto the drivers seat. I need a bit of room to stand, then move over. At the same time, I have to drive as far in as possible, because to get out of the clamp, you have to drive straight back for 3 inches, just before a bend. It will take many more goes, once I get the car, but I think it will be easy after time, just need to saw a bit of my chairs side playe off, it hinders the side transfer onto the drivers seat. Won’t look great, but I really don’t care to be honest, just want to get it right.

As I say, won’t bore you with every chat we (my father was there) had with the guy from the adaption place, but what I will say is, I think it is good to have someone with you. On a personal note, I was quite excited today, there was a good chance that, due to the excitement, I would forget to ask questions, or just settle for something that was not right. Also, the guy we were dealing with, was not a great listener, knew best and all that, well he knows best to a point, I am the expert on me (you are the expert on you). Ask plenty of questions, why can’t something go where you want, why is this different etc. They might have a valid point, but it is always best to ask what is puzzling you.

It will be another month to two months before I get the car. The adaptions company now have to send a quote to motability, for how much the next stage will cost, motability have to say yes or no t paying etc, would seem odd to say no now, the car is built. They can take 4 weeks to reply, the car can take a week or two to adapt, then they have to give 4 days notice before handing the car over. As usual, a long wait, as predicted.

Here are some pictures, taken from my phone, might be a bit blurred (make sure you look at the last pic too).

The Red button on the left puts the car in park, the yellow button closes the boot, lifts ramp etc.

This image shows the route into the car, I have to go in central, the go to the left. The drivers seat motors back, can go up and down, twist. Called a 6 way seat, it is fantastic. I find it easier getting onto a seat lower than the one I am on, this is perfect for that.

  1. Sarah Humphrey
    September 13, 2011 at 20:44

    It will be worth the wait and all the hassle, then you will be independant! Xxx

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