Almost there

I know I mentioned the final bit of my assessment in a blog piece yesterday, but I wanted to add it to the Motability area too.

As I explained before, the car I test 2 weeks ago was great, but it was not set up how I want. I want to be able to transfer to the drivers seat, this means the drivers seat needs to slide back towards the back of the car. So the assessor recommended I went to the, Motability Roadshow, which was held in Peterborough. There loads of companies were showing off what they can do, we wanted to find Sirus, as they will be adapting much of the car. They had a demo version of what I need, I was able to drive in, transfer, check it was all right, it was perfect! The only thing that made it hard was, a fold away rear seat, so couldn’t get my chair in as far as I wanted. But that chair won’t be there in the car I get, plus I was still able to transfer, first time with no issues.

The assessor is going to recommend the VW caddy, with the following adaptions.

  • a ramp in the boot
  • ramp and back door to open via car key remote
  • no back seats
  • drivers seat on rails, slides back, transfer on, slides forwards into normal slot, this seat can also go up and down, twist, all from three little switches on the seat
  • push brake pull throttle, to be controlled with right hand
  • steering lollipop
  • steering to be lightened
  • auto lights and wipers
  • gel in the tyres incase of a puncture
  • a fire extinguisher that goes around the engine, if there is a fire, it locates it, puts it out
  • an RAC button, if I break down, I press it, can speak to the RAC, they know who I am, where I am & will treat me as a priority
  • there will be a plate in the car that locks my chair down, all I have to do is drive over it, it will grab a bar on the chair

Here is what the steering lollipop looks like, it has buttons on the top, controls lights, horn, etc etc.

Here is a drawing (by Sirus) of the seat set up. Now, my wheelchair won’t be level with the passenger seat. Turns out, unlike the drive from chair model, the hump over the wheel axis, just levels off when you get futher into the car. Unlike the drive from chair one, which is like a speed bump. Means more usable floor space, don’t have to park as straight, easier.

Can’t seem to find a great image of the ramp system, but I am sure you get the idea.

All that needs to happen now is, assessor files his report & we need Motability to agree to all of this. Even though they accepted my grant application, they didn’t know exactly what I needed, so they need to confirm the costs. The assessor can’t see why they won’t but you never know. But if yes, then the 6 month countdown can begin.

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