Only 6 months to wait

Today at around 9:40 I received a call, would I be around at 13:30 for my Motability assessment? Well, I was at work, so I had to ask for time off, which I was given. I made sure I was home in plenty of time, felt both excited and nervous, odd I know. The guy doing the assessment was called Rob Scott, he was very nice. He asked what I wanted from a car, how I wanted to get in etc. He did some movement tests with me, some strength tests. He then asked if I wanted to go look at the car he brought, it had some adaptions in it. It was a car you could drive from your chair, not what I wanted. But it gave us some good ideas, some positive thoughts. Then he asked if I wanted to drive it, I of course did. Once my chair was clamped in and I was shown what to do, we went for a 20 minute drive.

The drive was not easy, the adaption are what I want, but not what I have used before. They took a little getting used to, my braking was not great, but that is partly because, once I did start braking, my chair moved forwards causing me to brake harder. But when I get my own car, I am sure this will become a lot easier.

What he is going to recommend is.

  • a ramp in the boot
  • ramp and back door to open via car key remote
  • no back seats
  • drivers seat on rails, slides back, transfer on, slides forwards into normal slot
  • push brake pull throttle, to be controlled with right hand
  • steering ball (won’t be a ball, more like a thin handle)
  • steering to be lightened
  • auto lights and wipers

I will be seeing him again in 2 weeks at the Motability roadshow, might get to go for another test drive. The car he recommends is the VW Caddy. He says it will take 6 months, I know this is a long time, but what can I do eh? I am happy with the car he is recommending, it is actually a lot smaller that  I thought they might suggest. The smaller the better in my opinion.

These guys build the inside of the car. Active – Internal Transfer Vehicle is what they suggest for me.

  1. June 7, 2013 at 14:00

    Seems like you actually fully understand quite a lot with regards to this topic and it exhibits throughout
    this particular article, given the name “Only 6 months
    to wait | Rob, he is just a Ginger in a Wheelchair!”.
    Thank you -Gerardo

  2. Jeanna
    July 18, 2014 at 14:56

    How are you getting on with the car? I have an assessment on Tuesday.

  1. June 23, 2011 at 15:36

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