Got an email today, thanking me for emailing a copy of a wage slip. The email said this.

Dear Mr West,

Thank you for providing your wage slip. Based on the financial information you have supplied you will be required to contribute £525 towards your new vehicle and adaptations.

In order to take your application to the next stage a member of Motability’s assessment team will need to carry out an assessment of your mobility requirements. This will be necessary even if you have recently had a private assessment.

The assessment may involve the following: a driving assessment to determine the primary and secondary controls you require, taking specific measurements and photos for control positioning and a demonstration of one or more vehicles to confirm suitability.

The assessor will contact you within the next couple of weeks to discuss your requirements in more detail and arrange an appointment. The assessment may take place at your home or at a regional assessment centre.

When deciding which vehicle(s) may prove suitable, the Mobility and Driving Advisor will consider 1 adult (including yourself) and no equipment other than your wheelchair. If you do not feel this is sufficient, please contact me to discuss this as soon as possible.

It is essential at the appointment that you have access to the wheelchair that you intend to use in your vehicle.

If your circumstances change, or if at any time you no longer wish to further your application, please let me know as soon as possible.

This is of course fantastic, I expected to pay more, to be told it is this low is a ease on the mind. So all I can do now is wait, wait for the call to book my assessment. Hope it goes well.

  1. AnEasierAffair
    May 27, 2011 at 15:00


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