Football, I don’t get all of it.

I am a Cambridge United fan, they play in the Conference League, which is the 5 tier of English football. As you might imagine, the quality on show is not the best, it is still good, the players who play in this league are still better than most players. But what i have noticed, not matter which league you watch, players pretend how bad a tackle was. Not all I admit, but images like this, simply make the sport look a joke.

You also see players, rolling around on the pitch, they have to go off, get treatment, then 30 seconds later, they run onto the pitch as if nothing has happened, how is this acceptable?

The prompt for this piece is, the Rugby world cup. The other day, I watched the New Zealand team sing their national, do the Haka, then play a match. So what you ask? Well, they all knew the words to their anthem, they all have to learn the Haka, to me, learning your Anthem is a simple show of respect, something I believe a fair number of footballers lack. They think it is acceptable to dive like they have been shot in Platoon, roll around on the floor, pretend to be injured, lie to the fans. People pay a lot of money to watch football, be it going to the games, buying sports packages on TV, it costs a lot these days, so don’t con fans, it is not your right.

It is putting me off the sport, these players are pathetic. I’m not a fan of Rugby, but those players actually get hit, guess what they do most the time, yeah, they get up.


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