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If I weren’t lazy

If it were not for the fact I am lazy, I’d be looking for another job right now. I really feel I should start looking soon, but it is quite hard to get motivated, where does one start? I clearly don’t like my job, I feel very under valued right now. The main problem is I feel very insulted. Around Christmas some new roles became available, I applied for an admin one, prepared eel, researched it, had questions ready etc. The interview went very well I feel, my best interview ever, my answers were good, there was little nervous noises etc.

I think it is obvious by now, I didn’t get the job. That is fine, someone better must have got it, someone with no experience? I hoped to find out with some feedback, only I didn’t get any useful feedback, was just told I lacked passion in one part of my interview. What the hell does that mean? Thats no a valid bit of feedback surely? To top it all off, the person I would have been working under started telling people no one applied, excuse me? I can accept not getting the job, its not my right, but don’t insult me like that, it is just not on. I was told I was welcome to do some of the work for the role though, to gain experience, to better myself if the role became available again. No thank you, you can stick that comment where the sun don’t shine for all I care.

Ever since then, work have been odd with me. The high up people don’t talk to me, which is ok, just bizarre.

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