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Typical bureaucracy

Right, today I went to Peterborough City hospital, to see a specialist regarding my foot, which is rolling inwards. The only way to correct my foot, is to perform surgery, it entails cutting tendons, fusing bones together etc. Now, I don ‘t like the sound of that, but I know it needs doing, without it, I will carry on being in pain.

IMG_6062This is my right foot, as you can see, I can not get it flat, all the weight goes to a spot just above my 5th metatarsal.

Of course with any surgery, after care is needed, how ever, I am not a typical case, I can’t walk. Normally, you get the surgery, then the next day, given a pair of sticks, sent home, told to stay off the foot and keep elevated. Problem for me is, I’m not good on my two legs, will never manage on one, even though I don’t walk, I need them for many, many things.

I explained this to the Doctor, who said he would refer me to an occupational therapist. The OT department at the hospital have said, they will not access me, until I have had the surgery. That is right, not until I have had the life changing surgery that would see me bed bound for 3 months. This to me, is not acceptable, I need to know in advance what will be put in place for me. I need to know how I am going to manage at home, things need putting into place.

The OT department then said, contact my local authority, fib a bit, pretend I’m not having surgery, tell them I am in a worse state than I really am. Yes, they want me to lie! Well that won’t work, for 2 reasons. 1: I will not lie about my disability or anything to do with it. 2: I had an OT here a few weeks ago, he knows what I can do, would look odd if i suddenly said I can’t do all those things.

We left the appointment feeling as though we have no real answers, the hospitals OT have said they will see what they can do, but insist they will not access my needs until after the op, I insist there will be no op, unless i know about the aftercare. Why would I have a painful op, only to be screwed after? They argue we won’t know what my needs will be, until after the op, I argue with do know, I won’t be able to use my right leg at all.

Why are they so unwilling to look into this? Why are they willing to get the expensive bit right (the surgery), but not prepared to get the arguably cheaper bit, the after care right?

I am most annoyed.

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