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Lack of blogging

I have no idea why, but I have had very little urge to blog lately. Since tweeting is micro blogging, I guess there has been very little reason to blog.

There are a few things that are worrying me at the moment, one being my cracked tooth, which hurts if I get food in it, must go to the dentist soon, but I have a phobia. The other worry is, am I disabled enough? Seems like an odd question I know, but since DLA is being replaced by PIP, I will have to be assessed at some point. Everyone wishing to claim PIP will have to go through this, it is worrying, because the Government have already decided they want to make 20% cuts to the benefit, they will move the goal posts to achieve this. I hope for my sake I pass, I need to keep the motability part. If my car gets taken off me, it is life over. I’ve now experienced freedom, if it is taken from me, I don’t know what I would do.

My life is not all negative at the moment though, I am starting to make new friends, I think, no idea if they consider me to be a friend, but time will tell.

Currently I am creating a playlist to listen to in the car tomorrow, I’m going to Colchester, to watch some Boccia, should be fun.

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