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My MPs expenses ideas

So, I am sure we all agree, the amount MPs claim in expenses is stupid.

So here are a few ideas I have, that will cut down the costs, to benefit the tax payer.

  • No second homes claims, they are not needed. Parliament should own a big block of bedsits close to Parliament, you get a bedsit with your role as MP. Also, this block will have a canteen serving 3 meals a day. This would also create jobs, because this block would need cleaning aswell as people to run the canteen. This would also eliminate the need to waste money on fancy furniture, special toilet seats etc.
  • No first class travel tickets, if “second class” seats are good enough for the everyday man, they are good enough for the MPs that represent the everyday man.
  • They would be banned from putting lunches on expenses, why should the tax payer pay for their lunch or dinner? Taxes are not their private expenses account & should not be footing the bill. Many of us have to provide our own lunch at work, so should MPs.


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