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A night I was looking forward to, turned uncomfortable

Tonight I met up with William, we were going to the Junction to see the Naked & Famous.

Now, this is only a small venue, so they have no designated disabled area, so you just have to pick a spot and go with it. Because we were both in our electric chairs, we went right for the front, so we could get good views, this proved to be a good choice, at the beginning.

The support act came on an hour later, the view was good, no problems, just like every time we go there. But when the main act came on, many behind us started pushing around, surging forwards. We kept getting pushed into too, it was quite weird to start with. Then it got more and more aggressive, this one bloke kept standing on the back of our chairs, it was really worrying for us, we were raised up, chairs swaying, not good. I decided to lower my seat, then Will followed.

Security came to us, told us to give them a nod if the bloke kept standing on our chairs. 5 minutes later, I gave the nod, he kept doing it, he was also pushing others. I think he was chucked out at the same time as a large group, this large group were also responsible for holding up the whole show. Half hour in, as one song finished, they started chanting a sexist comment, so the band asked them to stop and said they wouldn’t play until they had gone. So there was a10 minute delay and they all left, band returned, fun evening in the end.

Got a guitar pick and the end too, as did William. No one the crew with the band noted how we “got beat up” and said we deserved them, I admit, we took a few blows to the back and head, ouch.


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