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A day of ups and downs

Today started badly for me. When I got to work, went to the department as normal, went to leave when needed to about half hour later and noticed a problem. The site managers had fitted the new platform, so I could get out of the building, something which was an issue since having that pin fitted to my chair. On my way out, pleased the platform had been fitted, I hit a problem, on my way out, I hit the pin on the lip of the door, the platform was not high enough.

The pin had been bent a little, big problem. I went out to the car, to see if I could still dock with the car. I could, but when I switched the engine on, the alarm went off that says my chair is not connected.

Basically the next hour was spent me raging that work had let me down, how they didn’t value me or respect my needs. I went to one of the deputy heads, told her of my problem, she said go get my chair fixed, I could leave work until it was sorted. I called Chris Elliot, asked if they thought they could sort it, they said yes, bring the chair to them asap. So I went to Peterborough, where the pin was put back into place. But it is a once only fix, they can not do such a fix again, it weakens the pin if you keep bending it, next time it will need replacing.

So when I got back to work, it was agreed I would not go back to my department until access has been sorted. To me it feels like I’m being punished for having a disability, I gave them a months warning of this change, I was told they were more than happy to sort access.


On a lighter note, the car is great. Except for the fact the fuel indicator doesn’t work, says I’m empty after 150-180 miles. The tank can hold 66litres, 180 miles is only 20 litres, so I have to guess when I will run out, fun!


Here is a video



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