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Almost there

Tomorrow is the big day, the day where my car is finally delivered to me, or so I hope/believe, things could go wrong. I am very excited, hope Chris Elliot Adaptions don’t let me down. They are meant to be here around 11am, as I have said, I am very excited.

When I get the car, can’t drive it straight away, won’t be insured for an hour or so. This is because, normally, you go collect the car, once there, you enter a code Motability give you, which acts as your signature. Instead, when the car is brought here, I give Chris Elliot the code, they enter it when they return to their office.

I think this is a good thing that I can not drive it straight away, gives me time to calm down a bit. Also gives me time to get used to what is in the car etc, put the stuff I want inside it.

Sadly today has gone very slowly, not been out today, which means I have spent long periods of today, wishing the time away.

Yesterday was good, went into Cambridge with Emily, first time I have been in her car. We had Japanese for lunch, was good, other than that, I spent no money.

On Saturday we met up with William, we went to the Corn Exchange to see Reginald D Hunter, was alright, but had heard some of the stuff before.

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  1. di slater
    October 25, 2011 at 19:46

    Getting a new car is so exciting, I hardly ever look at the manual but I really should do the simple things. Especially when I drive up to the petrol station and can’t remember which side the petrol cap is lol.I hope you have a great maiden drive. Bon Voyage !

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