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Oh you know, just work

Work has been my life since the last update, that is not a complaint, just the truth. I can’t say I have enjoyed work, but then nothing has happened to make me dislike it more than normal. The only thing being, the big and heavy sets of double doors are annoying me, so heavy and hard to open, the swing back into my chair, damage it etc, anyway, moving on.

In the last few days i have been putting together a 6th form sports day video, very happy with the results, should be seen by students tomorrow. I wish I was involved in more things like that at work, which leads me onto the next bit. Someone at work asked me how much the lens was that we rented for the sports days last term, why I asked? Because he would but a case forwards for the school buying one, great news, not getting my hopes up too much, not because I am negative, but because it is a school, so stuff like this is a pure luxury. I say that, it didn’t stop this school buying 10 mini zorbs last year, at a cost of £3,000, bit of a waste in my opinion. I hope they do buy it, I hope they see the value in it, but I fully understand if it is not bought.

Still no news on the car.

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