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Self imposed Revolution

Returned to work this week, feels good to be back, using the old brain, interacting with people again etc. With news that I might get my car in 6-7 weeks (I think more likely 8-9), I have decided to become a cheaper person. What is the point in owning a car, if I can not afford to run it, or get into anywhere. So, I believe I have made it so I save over £100 month, I’ve cut a few things. I have reduced my mobile phone bill from £35 a month to £16.50, it actually worked out to more, because i used to text competitions, I knew they cost extra but that must stop, last bill was £80. I have also canceled my adobe photoshop license/subscription (i reckon I can get a copy, or even work add it to my work laptop, that was £62 a month.

As you can see, two sorting out two thing can save me a fair amount of money, as can not buying stuff I don’t need. I don’t need to be buying apps for my phone/tablet, I don’t need to rent Movies off of apple TV or Lovefilm,  reckon i could save even more money there. There is no need to go to the cafe anymore, need to reduce the amount of times I buy food at work too. If i try stick to this, I could easily be saving hundreds a month, I really need to stick to it if i want to enjoy having a car.

You might say I am going through a self imposed life Revolution, bring it on.

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