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Return to normality

Work starts again on Monday, back to a place where I don’t feel valued (well, I sort of do by a few people i work with closely). I’m not sure why I want to feel valued, it is not like I encounter everyone at work, or respect everyone in a higher position. Maybe it is just natural to want to feel needed/valued etc. In a way i am looking forward to returning to work, while it has been nice having 6 weeks off, not entirely sure it is healthy, not routine etc.

On the plus side, I have the car to look forward to. Filled in what I hope, is the last set of forms. Sirus, the people who build the car, requested I fill in a form, send copies of my license, anyone I want on the insurance etc. I have emailed the and sent them in the post, I hope the next stage is getting the hand controls fitted to the car. Once the hand controls have been fitted, plus other things, like the steering lightened, I will have to take my chair into the workshop, see where I want it to dock in the car, have things fitted etc. I could be without my chair for a few days, I don’t know, hope for not too long, I feel lost without my chair.

Also, my mum and sister are back from their holiday, they seemed to have fun, very hot though, 36-40’c, not my idea of fun.

Signing out, ginger.

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