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There is no God

There is no God, there, I said it. I am not going to say sorry for thinking that, but I refuse to believe there is one. The very fact you have to believe there is one, for there to be one confuses me, where is he/she?

I have no issue with people of faith, I am sure they get great strength from it, I find that to be great, it is right for them. What I do not like is people who preach, try to convert you, even if you you have said you are not interested.

I do not understand how a God, can let unbelievably bad things happen. For example, famine, cancer, natural disasters. I am bored of the argument that man has choices in life, they create their own path. I find that argument to be bull, it is a cheap way to avoid the point. Man is meant to be created in God’s image, shouldn’t man be, you know, better, if he/she is all so powerful, shouldn’t we be?

There are hundreds and hundreds if not billions of people on this planet, who suffer greatly, I highly doubt they decided to live like this, if there was a God, they would prevent it.

Random rant I know, but I saw on the news plenty of people saying “God help them”, about the Hurricane hitting the USA (Yes, God, could you help these innocent people please). I just find the saying odd.

Rant it over.

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