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Leeds, nothing to worry about next year

Just a quick update, this won’t all fit into a tweet.

As I have said before, I am going to Leeds next summer, to watch two days of the England v South Africa Test match. Now me being me, I wanted to plan this all super early, did not want to have to panic etc. I’ve booked two nights at the Holiday Inn Express in Leeds, it just makes sense, can’t drive there and back each day. So I booked a disabled room, all is good, I have planned to leave the house at 6, get there for 9, then go onto the ground. I was thinking of using a taxi, I assumed there would be some that can get a wheelchair in.

Then today, the hotel called me, asking if I would like a room as close to reception as possible, incase I need assistance. Honestly, the fact they called me, offering that has made me feel happy, it is a small thing, but makes you feel good. They have also said I can get there early, park the car, then they will call me a taxi, seriously, how thoughtful? They’ve called me, almost 11months before I am due there, they have eliminated all my worries. I know I’ve not actually stayed there yet, things could go wrong, but all the planning I think needs doing, has been done.

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