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That was stressful

Wow, just lost connection with my blogs. I was changing my username, all went well, then I noticed I could not access this blog, or nameandshame.org . I have to tell you, I felt sick for a little bit there, a lot of time has gone into this blog, a lot of feeling, would have been sad to lose it. But thankfully all is fixed now, so you still have to put up with my ramblings.

Also, I have a new blog, you have all seen me spam it, spamming it to celebs to RT too, had some success with that. It is called nameandshame.org (thanks @prongle28 for the name suggestion), it is there to shame selfish drivers who, misuse disabled parking bays. The idea is, people take a photo, including the license plate, then email it in. It gets put up on the site, hopefully with some information where. It isn’t a lot, but it is a little, hopefully one day, these people will feel shame.

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