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Cheers Top Gear

Well, I settled down to watch Top Gear tonight. I always do, despite it being poor in recent years, It is still the best the best thing on TV on a Sunday evening.

Now, I know it is a mindless show, it is not their to educate. But imagine my annoyance when I saw this.

What is wrong with that you say? Just two electric cars, how can you have beef with that? Look at the parking spaces, yeah, disabled spaces. Are May and Clarkson registered disabled suddenly? I some how doubt it, so what can it be, surely, no wait, this is a top BBC show, can not be ignorance can it? Well I guess it must be, I know, I know, big deal eh? Well, yes, it is actually, Top Gear is watched by millions. Hundreds of thousands of disabled people need these parking spaces, for a very practical reason. So to me, it is so unhelpful to see the BBC, appear not to care. I don’t care if these spaces were not used, they could have been, that is the reason they are there. To me, it just highlights how thoughtless some people are, towards disabled people.

I doubt anyone will start parking in these spaces, just because Top Gear did. But it is worrying, that not even the BBC seem to care. Disabled spaces are vital, they are wide enough to get a wheelchair next to the car, plus closer to buildings.

Unless you have a blue badge, do not park in these spaces. If I had it my way, misuse of these spaces would carry a heavy fine. But most businesses refuse to apply this to their car parks, thus proving they do not value disabled customers.

Cheers Top Gear, you’ve helped fuel the ignorance.

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  1. July 31, 2011 at 21:07

    That’s why I don’t watch ~Top Gear~ they’re just arrogant infantile men. Parking in disabled bays is so wrong. I watch overweight shoppers in the ASDA car park do this. Those presenters are in the same selfish mind-set. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

  2. August 1, 2011 at 00:45

    The Roads and Traffic Authority in NSW has these cards you can order which look like this:

    “Being Lazy is not a Disability”

    They’re for cheats to take up mobility parking spaces without proper permits to do so. I think that it’s great to slap a few of these underneath their windscreen wipers. I think it would be even better if those people received a due amount of shame, demerit points and a fine.

  3. Jeff
    August 1, 2011 at 06:52

    Did you ever think that they were possibly making a point? Or even that they parked in those spots for a better shot? How on this earth can the fact that were temporarily parked in handicapped spots ignite such a passion that you would blog about it? – I am glad the poster above me does not watch the show. It’s a mans show that doesn’t need sissy liberal complainers as viewers. Grow a pair, and stop being so cynical.

  4. August 1, 2011 at 08:54

    I have a disabled ‘card’ in my car for when I take AP out – I wouldn’t dream of using it when she’s not with me. Having seen how she now struggles to get around why on earth would I take up a space that someone may need. It’s not actually until you come into ‘contact’ with disability that you actually think about it. People are blinkered. Top Gear panders to outrage and outrageous.

  5. Rob
    August 1, 2011 at 13:52

    I am not disabled but none the less I was appalled at the behaviour of these over paid selfish oafs. I wrote an e-mail last night and sent it to Mark Thompson, the current Director General of the BBC.

    I expect it will get ignored but trust me if I ever see those 2 idiots I will have my say.

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