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It is quiet, again.

Well, the title is misleading, as it wasn’t noisy, but my cousins returned home today. I will admit, I am glad the week is over. In the last few days, we stayed in the house, I had them on Thursday, we made shapes with chocolate. We also watched a DVD, Harry Potter, then sadly had to watch Hannah Montana, was awful. Friday we stayed in again, played on the Wii a bit, watched TV. My friend William popped round too, which was great, not seen him for a few weeks.

Friday evening, in my opinion, for any Harry Potter fan was cool. My friend Sam is married to someone special, that person being, Mr Warwick Davis (Professor Flitwick & Griphook). I had invited her round on the Thursday, as her youngest is 8 and my youngest cousin is 8, thought he might like to join in with the chocolate playing. Sadly she was unable to, which is fine, it was a loose invitation, just if they had nothing to do. But because they couldn’t come round, she arranged for Warwick to come round. He stayed for 5 minutes, signed some Flitwick pictures for my cousins, personal to them etc. I have to be honest, I thought they would be impressed, they might well have been, but they didn’t show it. They hardly said a word, to me it looked rude, but then they are shy, they may have been shocked.

Either way, I thought it was cool and very kind of them. Not every kid gets a HP star, come to the place they are staying, just to meet them. 🙂 I can’t say thank you enough to them.

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