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I’ve been busy

So, in the last two days, I have been up to a lot. We took my cousins swimming yesterday, they seemed to have fun, there was a slide. Then we took them to McDonalds, the people we met up with at the pool were going there too.

Today my Mum took them to a kids keep fit class, they did dancing and exercises etc, seemed to like it. In the afternoon, I got them to help me bake some buns, I can’t believe how good I was! 😛

I think tomorrow, we will lay off them, we have been shocked by their lack of table skills. Also, they don’t seem to talk, they don’t say thank you. But maybe it is not our place to correct them, tomorrow, we are going to cook two meals. We tried to get them have what we had tonight, they clearly didn’t like it (mash, sausages, peas, carrots & gravy). They can have those, potato smiles & nuggets, while we have a chicken joint. I’m sure Emily and I were different to them at their age, I know I could use a knife and fork then.

Tomorrow, we are making shapes with chocolate. I am in charge most the day, Em & Mum have a hair appointment and need to get Em’s new car, fun fun!

Sophie adding cheese to her home made pizza yesterday

These are the buns we made.

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