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So bloody tired, but happy

Wow, helping to look after kids, hard work isn’t it? My cousins are here, have been since yesterday lunch time. I think it had taken them over 24 hours to feel comfortable here, Sophie is finally chatting, Hannah barely talks anyway.

They went tad-poling with my Mum and Sister today, met up with a friend and her kids, seemed to have fun (there is a video on the right of it). I did not go, would not be something I could do easily, but I got up so I could have breakfast with the. When they returned, they seemed happy. I did not spend long with them, I will admit to going back to my room to watch the Cricket. But this evening, I played plenty of Wii games with them, you know what i discovered? I suck at them, they are just so much hard work, the dancing ones are just crazy. But it was fun, making a prat of myself with them totally worth it. We watched a film after, then sent them up to their room. all is quiet now, just chilling to some music.

Oh yeah, before I forget. William and I are going to see Jimmy Eat World, on the 23rd of August, in Leicester. If anyone wants to come as my “carer”, just tweet me, the ticket is yours.

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