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6 weeks, can’t end soon enough.

Yesterday was my last day of work, until the first week in September. As I have said before, my chair is in for a service, so this leaves me even more limited than normal in where I can go. The timing is both, good and bad. Good because it is right at the holiday, it means there is very little chance I will be without it by the time I return to work. It is also bad because, my cousins are staying here, from tomorrow. I wanted to take them for walks around the village, go for an ice cream etc. This might still be able to happen, the shop lent me a chair, but they did say the batteries were not great, so not sure how much I can do in it. It is a shame in coincides with their visit, but it had to be this way.

Oh yeah, my Dad is not talking to me again, I didn’t do something right, so he tried to punish me, by saying he wouldn’t take my chair to the shop. My mum put him in his place, but other than to say “I’m taking your chair in because your Mum told me to”, yesterday, he has not said a word to me. I don’t know if he will while we have guests tomorrow, but he is off in the evening for a course, back Thursday. He makes me depressed, he really does, I get so worried around him. He wants to take leave later in the summer, when Mum and my Sister are on holiday. The idea of that fills me with dread, X number of day, just me and him? No one to stick up for me, no one to protect me from his criticism, his nasty words?

Not a summer I am looking forward to. Ah well, spending time with my cousins will be nice.

Roll on September, looking forward to work. There is strong talk of them buying serious Camera equipment, hope to get involved in that.

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