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About Yesterday

I just wanted to say, about yesterday. I don’t wish to come across as a negative person, who only blogs about bad stuff. But I really needed to tell someone/something, what was on my mind. There is no one in my life I can tell anything. I can’t tell my Mum I am feeling really down, she has her own issues to worry about. I can’t tell Dad, well, because he is a knob who I can’t trust or respect. My sister does not know half the stuff that has happened in our family, it would also be unfair to burden her. She has teach training coming up soon, I want her to do really well. There is my best friend, but he knows my family too well, I just don’t feel right telling him how I feel.

So basically, I really don’t know what to do, there is no one to talk to. So this blog and my Twitter, are the places I can say how I feel. I ask you, to please bare with me, I will try be positive soon.

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