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The car that caused a family row

I say family row, it only involved my Mum and Dad. I went into the living room this morning, to wish my sister good luck in her hunt for a new car. She had a budget, she knew what she wanted and had a plan. She had asked my Dad for advice, he had phoned around for good deals. A Citreon C1, with electric windows and AirCon, all for just over £7,000. So, he had more details than my Mum, so she asked him stuff. Somehow this caused a row between them, I still don’t fully understand how. They all went out, while my sister was on her test drive, Mum called me, saying she wanted a divorce. I had no idea what to say, what can you say to that? “OK” just doesn’t cut it. She hung up crying very quick, when they all returned, it was as if nothing had happened.

I am not sure my sister even knew it had all happened, she doesn’t know the years of friction between them. It has been hard to keep it a secret from her, it is emotionally draining. I’m not sure how much longer, I can handle other peoples issues, aswell as my own. I’m not exactly a happy person myself, I have my issues. Sadly there are very few people I can turn to, it is really getting to me, not sure what else to do anymore.

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  1. di slater
    July 16, 2011 at 21:00

    You need to remember this is a problem between your Mum and Dad. There are issues they need to discuss. You and your sister are I am sure loved by your parents. But you cannot live their lives to. You need to discuss with your Mum and Dad what you have typed here. You have been burdened when really it is between your parents to talk and sort one way or another. Opening up to your parents and being honest let;s them know how you feel, it is a burden you should not have at this moment in time Hope this helps.

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