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So, today I had hoped to watch an exciting Canadian, a GP that is normally one of my favs. I love the time it is on, evening, I love the track, normally exciting. So, I had seen reports it would be a wet start to the race, brilliant I though, that often adds something extra so the race. Indeed it did this time, it added the drivers starting behind the safety car. I could not and still can’t see the point, we have all seen them race in worse. It appeared to be a farce, the safety car went in at the end of lap 4. Once the safet car had gone in, I thought great, some real racing will reveal itself. Sure enough it did, we had Hamilton hitting Webber, Hamilton hitting Button, was all very exciting. Then it started to rain harder, safety car out again, then the race stopped. It was stopped for over 2 hours for over 2 hours, then once they did restart, there were more safety car moments.

I just can not understand why the race was started under a safety car.

Sadly this race saw Vettel win, despite an epic drive from Button, that saw him come second after having pitted 6 times.

Scrap that, on the last lap, Vettel made a mistake on the last lap, Button took the lead. It is not over til it is over as they say. Fantastic drive by Button.

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