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Bell, get yourself a Century, then we will have some fun

Again, woke up late this morning, there was nothing to do. I knew the mornings Cricket between England and Sri Lanka would be rained off, I was correct. There was no play until 3pm, that only left 4 hours of play, 2 innings to go. England still hadn’t finished their batting. So at 3, Bell and Morgan came out to bat. Bell got a single, then Morgan just defended. This seemed strange, nothing happened for quite a few ball, then Bella got a 4 and England declared.

This all happened in the space of 20minutes, it seemed so odd, what was the point? England just wasted 20 minutes to face a few balls? Great, England have 496 instead of 491. I really did not see the point in this, it just meant time was wasted and overs were lost. After the switch around, I believe there were only just over 40 overs for Sri Lanka to see out. Easy, England were going to bowl hard, be aggressive, but they could see out the draw surely? After 4 dull days of Test Cricket, by dull, I mean I would rather attend a Tory conference than sit through that crap again. 24.4 overs later and only 82 runs scored, England had bowled Sri Lanka out, it was amazing. I believe 8 wickets fell in just over an hour, the whole innings was only around 2 hours. I have never seen anything like it, it was a delight to watch. I just proves what an amazing game Cricket it, 4 days of dull nothing, only to be rewarded with an end like that? Best sport in the world.

Some facts (from ESPN)

  • Sri Lanka faced only 24.4 overs in their second innings and were bowled out for 82 to lose by an innings and 14 runs. It is the lowest number of deliveries faced by Sri Lanka in a completed innings in Tests. Their previous lowest was 24.5 overs against Pakistan in 2006, when they were bowled out 73.
  • The 24.4 overs is also the least number of overs in which England have bowled out any team since they bowled India out for 42 in 17 overs at Lord’s in 1974.
  • The 82 is Sri Lanka’s fourth-lowest score in Tests and their ninth score below 100. It is also their second-lowest score against England after the 81 in Colombo in 2001. Their lowest score in Tests is 71 against Pakistan in 1994.
  • The innings defeat is Sri Lanka’s 16th in Tests and only their second against England. The previous innings defeat against England came in 2002 when they lost by an innings and 111 runs in Birmingham.
  • The four ducks in Sri Lanka’s second innings is joint second on the list of Sri Lankan innings with the most ducks. They had five ducks against India in Chandigarh in 1990 and against New Zealand in Wellington in 2006-07.
  • This became only the fourth instance of Sri Lanka losing after scoring 400 or more runs in the team first innings. The previous such instance came against India at Colombo SSC in 2010 when they lost after scoring 425.
  • For the first time, three English batsmen scored a century in a single innings in a Test against Sri Lanka. The record is four, against Australia at Nottingham in 1938 and against West Indies at Lord’s in 2007,
  • Graeme Swann’s 4 for 16 is his best bowling against Sri Lanka in Tests, surpassing hist 3 for 78 in the first innings. It is also the sixth-best performance by an English spinner against Sri Lanka,

Simply stunning, great fun to watch. If like me, you watch your Cricket on the TV, but find Sky Sports commentators dull, then listen to these guys. Test Match Sofa.

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  1. May 30, 2011 at 18:59

    Like you, I got up this morning assuming that this stultifying test, if the weather allowed any play at all, would play out to an inevitably dull draw. So much so, only the usual bank holiday drivel on the tv’ s other million channels gave me cause to tune in when play did finally resume. Even so, I carried on working until the 4th wicket fell after tea ( which reminds me, why did they bother with tea, its not like they needed the rest?) This was when I thought it might actually be worth a little more attention. Thanks to the superior test match sofa commentary the rest of that brief but amazing game passed in a blur of amazement and interactive high spirits. Incredible performance, fantastic result and shows again why this cricket lark is so addictive.

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