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Monaco Grand Prix

Got up quite late this morning, completely due to the fact I went to bed really late. Doesn’t matter though, I have a week off now. My dad is now on board with the car idea, he says he was just being honest the other day. Claimed he had to be harsh, I told him he was wrong, but I am glad he is now atleast showing an interest. Would not have wanted to progress with him against me, but I would have done so.

Today I was excited, it was the Monaco GP. In recent years it has been quite boring, a parade more than a race. But this years seemed to have a different feel about it. For the first 69 laps the race was fantastic fun to watch, many different things going on, plenty of different strategies. There was Button, trying to pit more than the others, but blitz his way round and be faster than anyone else. It would have worked, had it not been for the safety car coming out twice. The safety car came out on lap 34 and 69. It is the one on 69 that annoys me. It did need to come out, I even see why the race was stopped. I like the fact the race restarted. What I don’t like is the fact, while the race had stopped and the cars were on the grid, teams could change things. Tyres were changed. Vettel, who had been on his tyres for over 50 laps, was allowed new ones, without the penalty of going into the pits. While Button, who had been catch Vettel and Alonso did pit more than once during the race. So essentially, the last 8 laps were a fresh race, new tyres. All that work Button had done, meant nothing.

I do not see why you are allowed to change things just because the race had stopped, makes no sense to me, totally ruined the race.

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