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So, in the last two days, I have experienced two kinds of abuse. The first was from some tweeters, they were unhappy that I didn’t like the company they work for. It is closing down, they were a little sensitive, so they decided to tweet loads of abuse, most pathetic in my opinion. That lasted for 24 hours, to start with I was angry, but after a while, thanks to the help some of my twitter friends gave, I laughed at the situation. It seems so easy to become bothered by such comments, I just needed reminding the people issuing the abuse are a waste of space.

The second happened last night. I was returning from the local village college, after attending the Photoshop class. As I was whizzing past the shops in the village, I noticed a group of teenagers. Now, I normally expect a few looks, or some comments like “slow down speedy” or for some reason “he ran me over”. But last night was different, some shout “get the fuck out of here” “I’m going to smash you out of that chair”. The one that really got me was “benefit stealer”, I wasn’t hurt, just shocked. I couldn’t tell who these students were, they might have been from the school I work at, hope not. I was just shocked to be spoken/shouted at like this. I’ve never experienced this before, I know other people have, but it is one of those things that is hard to believe until you experience it.

I will just have to pick a different route next time, avoid the shops etc.

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  1. AnEasierAffair
    May 26, 2011 at 08:16

    Yep – twats are everywhere and in every generation. Its also the pack mentality. They are also in the minority thank goodness. Keep the faith lovely.

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