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So, it seems I have been ignoring the main part of my blog. I have been concentrating on getting a car through Motability. I have made a few updates about the process as I experience it, you can see those update in the Motability section of my blog. The reason I am blogging about it is because, I am doing this all by myself. This is one of the most grown up things I’ve ever done by myself. I am 25, but I live at home with my folks. I have a mother who supports me trying to be independent, but a father who is a control freak. I think the idea of me having freedom gets to him, he likes me having to depend on him. He is my disability sometimes, he holds me back from growing up. What I wouldn’t give, to be able to call my friends and say, see you at the footy tomorrows. Or, meet some of my twitter friends at the Cricket. Like normal folks do. I’ve still not told him I am getting a car, 25 and still worried what my dad will say, or how he will react, pathetic eh?

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  1. May 20, 2011 at 20:22

    Nope – not pathetic at all. My ex’s were control freaks – and sometimes you just keep in the background waiting for your time. Looks like your time has come – and you will go from strength to strength now. You made the move – cut some ties. S’all good.

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