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Few updates

Well, yesterday I was photographing the year 11 leavers day, I think I did well. I found the morning session quite hard, the hall was packed, so movement was restricted. I was able to raise my chair seat up, get some shows of the audience, but couldn’t get to many of them. Many went without being photographed, bit of a shame, but there was little I could do. After that, they went to sign shirts, leavers books etc, some kids asked me to take group photos of friends etc, they went well, look really good. After lunch, the big event, the field, the school hired a company that provide a, It’s a Knockout event. 8 games, kids get into teams (they were in fancy dress, groups dressed as Baywatch peeps, sailors, Charlie Chaplin ). Was great fun, they played the 4 dry games first, then the 4 wet. Lasted 2 hours, plenty of photos taken. Was great to see them having fun. Obviously I can not show any of you the photos, I would have to get permission of parents, the school etc. Plus it is just not right.

In other news, one of my external hard drives seems to of cleared itself, my mac can’t see it. 2TB of stuff gone, lost, things I had paid for gone. My own stupid fault I guess, feel a little sick thinking about it to be honest.

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