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We deserved more

Don’t you just hate the phrase, “we deserved more” in sports? I know I do. It really bugs me, because, if you did deserve more, you would of gotten more surely? Avram Grant, the West Ham manager the other day was saying, he didn’t believe his team deserved to be fighting for relegation. Well, why not? Your team hasn’t been good enough this season, if they had, you wouldn’t be in this mess. Now, I know, during a match, a decision can go against you, a penalty given for something that never was, but it to reflect an entire season? I don’t believe that is possible.

It is the same across all sports though, this summer we will have Wimbledon again. Cries of “is this the year Murray does it?”, “he deserves it, he works hard, he has come close to a Grand slam before”. Well whoopie do, he has come close before, you don’t get gold for coming close. If he wins one, then he clearly has deserved it, but you can’t keep adding false statements to people/teams to cover up for the fact they aren’t good enough. Obviously people/teams can improve, I’m not saying he will never be good enough, just hate the cover up.

I myself support Cambridge United FC, we were close to the relegation zone for most of the season in 2010/11, did we deserve it? You bet we did, we were awful, we had a run of 10 games without a win. When you play badly, you get what you deserve. No amount of spin can cover that up, so by bother? They don’t expect people to be stupid enough to buy it do they?

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  1. Alvaro_FSS
    May 8, 2011 at 16:54

    It’s mostly a dressed up code for ‘please don’t sack me’.

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