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Just wanted to explain

Today I noticed how many of my tweets and blog updates have been Politics based, I just wanted to explain why it means so much to me.

I don’t understand how as a country, we miss treat disabled people. It isn’t the public, it is the Government I blame. Disabled people need looking after, they need it, not want it. I’m going to use my own circumstances here, I use a wheelchair, my chair is worth £7,000. You could buy a car for that, once you become an adult, you basically have to sort yourself out. There is help available, but you have to beg, beg like a second class citizen. The reason my chair costs £7,000 is because it is not basic, the seat can tilt, it has a riser. To me, these things are vital, they aid my independence. I could get a free one on the NHS, but it is very basic, basic is being kind, it is a chair with a motor, nothing more and nothing less. You might ask, what is wrong with that? Well, I need something that helps me be as equal as possible at work. To fund my chair, I had to beg a Government scene called, Access To Work, they paid for part of my chair. My employers had to fund some, that is a legal requirement. I had to pay for 2 7ths. That was for Saturday and Sunday, I had the choice not to pay, but I would of had to leave my chair at work, pointless?

I know disabled will never get everything the need for free, but why must we feel second class while asking? Why must we be made to feel like the Government might help? I have no problem helping myself, but please help me and others like me help purselves.

This is why my political views are left wing, I believe in helping others. I love the NHS, I think it is fantastic, I love public library’s, I love community centres. Sure, I have taken a lot from this country, I am lucky to of been born in a nation that looks after disabled people. I just think we can do better, not only for the disabled, but for children in poverty. I still can’t get my head around, the fact there are children living in poverty in the UK, how is that possible.

Please don’t think I only care about disabled related things, I care about many things. Just, well, disability is close to home, many of my friends are disabled.

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