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I love Sky

Sorry, I know it is popular to hate them, but I love Sky. I think it is great value, I get to watch so much sports and movies for a reasonable cost. Some might say the cost is high, sure, but I watch it all the time. I watch the football, cricket, rugby. They present these sports fantastically,  the quality of the shows often does the sport you are watching justice. I equally love to watch films, I probably average 10-15 a month. I rarely go to the cinema, I just wait the 6-12 months it takes for a film to air on Sky. So much cheaper that way, plus you get to watch it from the comfort of your own chair.

I can see why people dislike them, they are not cheap if you are on a budget. They also have a monopoly on many of the main sports, Premier League football being one of. Football of course is very popular, millions want to watch it, why wouldn’t you be pissed at having to pay a premium price for this? But just think how much money they have pumped into the game, some top players have entered the league, great to watch.

I do have a personal wish from Sky though, I wish they would show more disability sports. They have 4 sports channels, you would of thought they could at least air 4 or 5 hours a week wouldn’t you? Wheelchair basketball is pretty good, as is rugby, why not give them a go. Surely it would be cheap to air these sports? Promote them, help them grow. help them become something to the nation, something other than a token event (the Paralympics) that is aired every 4 years, you know, the thing right after the Olympics?

But other than that, I love Sky, not a popular thing to say, but oh well.

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