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The hardest hit

OK, just a quick piece from me this afternoon. On Wednesday the 11th of May, disabled people will descend upon London, to protest against the cuts that will impact disabled people. Disabled people are going to be the hardest, the cuts they will see could see many’s independence damaged, as well as putting many into poverty. This is of course not right, targeting a group of people who often can not fend for themselves, or find and alternative option to what they currently have. There will be MP’s at t his protest outside the Houses of Parliament, this is great, gives the protest more weight.

But what I can not understand is, why is it on a weekday? Why not hold it on a Saturday? I just think a weekday plays into the stereotype, the stereotype where disabled people don’t do anything. If you held it on a Saturday, you could instantly give yourselves more credibility by saying, “we had to hold it at the weekend because many of our protesters work, we wanted to ensure they had a chance to join us”. Instead, it just looks like all disabled people don’t work, it looks like they can drop everything just to protest. As a country, Disabled people are let down by the Media, their Politicians, surely everything should be done to give off a good image? Image is everything after all.

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