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Well, the no to AV voters won, it was a landslide, they won by just over 70%. What can you say, the people have voted, there is no arguing with that. However, I am sad to see only 42% of the electorate bothered to vote in the referendum. This makes me sad, it really does. I find it tragic that 58% of people eligible to vote, just didn’t want to vote in this referendum. I will admit, when I first saw that figure, I just said lazy people, how dare they not vote. But upon reflection, can we really blame people for not being bothered? Who was this vote for? The YES campaign will of course say, millions want change, they are happy with the way their MP is selected, MP’s will work harder with AV. I’ll admit, until a few years ago, I hadn’t given AV or PR any thought, I’m guessing many haven’t either? People in the UK don’t like change, so convincing them change is good is always hard. What didn’t help is the fact this referendum got mixed in with party politics. It turned in the usual pantomime of MP’s taking pop shots at each other, lying, the normal propaganda. I personally found it embarrassing.

I believe the referendum would of benefited from being held later in the year, away from local elections, away from party propaganda. I don’t know if the results would of been any different, would just of been nice to see the messages be delivered in a more free way. Many voters don’t see the FPTP as broken, chances are they won’t ever care. They don’t see it as broken, so there is nothing to fix.

There was equally low turn out for local council election up and down the country, I fail to see why so many people don’t care about their local area. I don’t understand how you can not vote, even if the people you voted for don’t win, atleast you tried to make a difference right? My view is, don’t vote, don’t complain. Your vote is your voice, bloody use it. Your local library might be closed? You aren’t happy? You didn’t vote? Oh well, shut up then, you didn’t try to change things.

It is late, I felt like ranting, thank you for reading.

  1. May 7, 2011 at 00:12

    My biggest problem with this Referendum has been the fact that the political parties felt they needed to take sides on this. In fact the Labour party were split on it, and I feel that is the more honest way with one of their more safe MPs Margaret Beckett acting as the president of the No2AV group. The Conservatives and Lib Dems and Milliband at Labour have forced their parties into an unnecessary duel over something that is irrelevant to their political parties other than their general beliefs. This childish squabbling I believe has led to much of the country not caring about this Referendum hence the low turn-out.

    • May 7, 2011 at 00:16

      It is an understandable view point, it really is. While I’ve been passionate about AV, I have found the parties have gotten in the way, the message about AV has been lost. Today it was a described as a victory for the Tories, it shouldn’t be like that.

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