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Well done little cripple

Yes, the title may seem odd, but that is how I felt some people were thinking when I was giving them yes 2 av leaflets today. This morning, nice and early, I went to the local Post Officie, waited outside and handed out loads of yes to av leaflets, doing my bit as they say. The number of old ladies saying, “bless you, nice to see people like you having a go” and other such patronising phrases was astonishing. I mean really, we still live in an age where it is a novelty to see disabled people out “working”? Why the hell do we still have the the stereotype of people who are lazy? We are not all benefit cheats who can’t be arsed you know, some of us who can, do! I know not every disabled person can, that is fine, but there are many of us who can. I bet many are put off by the attitudes of others, it shouldn’t be seen a novelty, it should be seen as normal.

Anyway, in other news, I’ve signed up for an evening class, starts tonight. It lasts 11 weeks and it is all about Photoshop, I have it but have no idea how to use is properly. I need to know how to use it, otherwise what was the point in getting it, right?

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  1. AnEasierAffair
    May 4, 2011 at 15:12

    Yup – that’s the human race. Open gob before engaging brain. Assuming there is a brain of course. In my humble opinion only 80% have a brain and of those only 1% use it.

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