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The World is now safe

So, Osama Bin Laden is dead, the world is now safe, yay! This surely means the end to us taking our shoes off at airports right? Surely I no longer have to go through that undignified sitting on the floor, while my wheelchair is searched. I mean, the axis of evil is dead, it is all over! I can not stress this enough, it is all over! The President of the United States said, people can now find peace.

But of course, we all know that is utter bollocks. If anything, the world should now be even more alert for terrorists. The sickening footage of U.S. citizens chanting “USA, USA, USA!” on the street won’t help, if anything it will just piss the extremists off even more. I know this is “big news”, but yet again, the 24/7 media are going to go to town on this. They all have the same footage, they all have the same info, the info being an aging ill bloke it dead. But no that won’t stop them speculating, asking loads of experts what they think is to come. When, the truth is, no one knows. Also, is took 13 years to capture this guy? Turns out, he was hiding in an estate in Pakistan. Are any of us surprised he was hiding there all this time? I’m not blaming the people, some people in the Government must of known though right? Don’t know about you, but if my neighbours never put their bins out, we would think there is something going on. Also, there must be a reason the US didn’t tell the Pakistan Government what they were going to do, no trust maybe?

Are we any safer now he is dead? Did his ideology die too? No, if anything, it will only strengthen their cause. People will try avenge his death, there could be worse to come, who knows. Terrorism hasn’t died with him, I feel no safer today, knowing he is dead  than I felt yesterday.

One last point, about the media again, the way they reporting this, like it is all over. People died in the last 10 years, don’t forget that. To make out like “the war on terror” is over is just insulting to them. They must never be forgotten, please be more respectful.

Please don’t be offended by my questioning Pakistan, I have nothing against the nation or people. It is still a new nation, I mean, it is not like the UK is perfect is it? Setting loads of IRA people go free? Sending Abdelbaset Ali al-Megrahi back to Libya? Yeah we suck too.

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