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Don’t have an opinion you thick commoner, listen to us!

So, this coming Thursday, the nation gets a chance to decide how future elections are decided. The two options are, First past the post & the Alternative system. FPTP, you simply put an X next to the candidate you wish to vote for. AV, you rank the candidate in order you prefer them, you don’t have to rank all of them you can leave so of them blank. I’m not going to try an sway anyone’s opinion here, not going to favour one over the other. What I am going to say is, I am sick of both campaigns. The way they both treat the everyday man or woman as a total idiot angers me, they both basically say, you’re thick, listen to us. The no to AV people want you to believe AV is complicated, so complicated your thick little mind can not cope with it. They also keep lying, saying it will cost 250 million pounds, will prevent a new born baby getting treatment it needs. Just lies. The yes to AV people are not so bad, but they can be just as patronising, sadly the people who front both campaigns are Cameron and Clegg. Don’t know about you, but I struggle to listen to rich Eton types, they have no idea of the real world. Neither has ever had to struggle for anything, everything has always been given to them. Wish they would both shut up and let others do the talking.

I also wish more people would take an interest in the vote, how can you not be interested? This is an election in your country, if you do not take an interest, why should you ever be allowed to complain in the future? If you don’t vote, you should never be allowed to complain, even if you don’t back the winner, atleast you tried to make a difference. How can you not be interested? Politics impact upon everyone, whether you pay taxes, receive benefits, it will impact on your life. I personally have a keen interest on politics, I’m not an expert, no where close. But I keep myself well informed, I watch things like Question Time and other politics shows. I read a variety of newspapers, blogs and other editorials. Why? Well, I like to know what is happening to my country, the country I pay taxes to. I like to know why things are happening, if you know why, it is easier to understand.

Please vote on Thursday, if you don’t know much about either campaign, please read up on both. But make sure you vote, it is a right people all around the world people are dying to try get, you have it, use it.

Thank you for reading again.

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