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The man in tennis with the weight of the nation on his shoulders

Anyone who follows me on twitter would know that I am a huge Andy Murray fan. Have been from the start and always will. People have critisised him often, many times because of what they have seen in the papers or even how he was many a year ago. But I after seeing him a few times and seeing how him and his family interact with the fans, I can safely say that he’s an absolutely lovely guy!

Question which people often ask is will Andy win a GS (Grand Slam)? So often has Andy come close by reaching both the Australian Open final and the US Open final. But falling at the last hurdle especially after the AO has taken the toll on him. He has in the last few years gone through a slump but the good news for fans is that he has always bounced back!

Key for Andy is probably finding the right coach… one who has been there and done that. Probably the reason why he hasn’t appointed a single one yet is because his ideal coach is not available… yet! I hope that when he does get his new coach, he will help Andy to strengthen him mentally to take that next step to win a GS title!

One rant I have to make is that stop critisising his mother Judy for supposedly being the one preventing Andy from winning a GS. Course she sometimes is at matches to support her son… Andy isn’t the only one with family support. Judy always let the boys play numerous sports before they decided to pursue tennis. So Judy wears her heart on her sleeve and the very odd occasion the cameras pan on her, she is showing her emotions… wow! She is human! Are Rafa and Novak critisised for having their family around? Judy is one of the nicest ladies you could ever meet so for people to critisise her on little basis is truly maddening!

On a final note, I still believe that Andy can win a GS. He has an amazing ability and the game to win a GS. Just needs to be in the right mental shape and the GS is his. He has already surpassed the achievements of Greg and Tim and will regardless be one ofBritain’s best ever tennis players! Once one GS comes, others will follow. Not sureWimbledonwill be the first with the crazy amount of pressure but we’ll just have to wait and see!

Look forward to following and supporting you at Wimbledon Andy!


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