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So today, for the first time I went to see our allotment. I didn’t even know the village had an allotment area until last December. The reason we applied for one was, last summer my sister got some free seeds to grow veg, it went well and we liked the, So she signed us up for an allotment. When I say us, it is as if I mean we are all helping, it is actually just my sister and dad. It is not that I don’t want to help, just these places are not all that chair friendly.

We only have half an allotment, an old guy gave up half because he wasn’t managing, he is 72 so it is understandable. Sadly, because he couldn’t manage, he left half of it covered in plastic for 6 years, so the soil under it went solid, it is now like really thick clay. Really hard for them to dig, going to take years to sort. We have a few things growing, some strawberries, carrots and some rhubarb. Hopefully in a few years we will be able to grow even more things!

These shots were taken with my phone.

We have strawberries growing in the boxed area, behind them to the right have carrots..

The old guy is my father,I call him Badge, he had white and black hair the other year, like a badger, just white and gray now.

To the left of this big patch we have the rhubarb. Currently nothing growing in the two big patches, soil isn’t ready yet.

As you can see, the other two back plots have nothing growing in them either, again, soil is not ready.

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